zeldas newport


Classic Eggs Benedict*

Canadian bacon, hollandaise

$ 11

Eggs Copenhagen*

smoked salmon, hollandaise

$ 13

Eggs Chesapeake*

crabmeat, hollandaise

$ 14

Bagel & Smoked Salmon Plate

cream cheese, red onion, capers, tomato

$ 12

Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs

cream cheese, chives

$ 13

zeldas newport

Appetizers & Small Plates


Shrimp Cocktail

$ 3/ea


lemon grilled with romesco sauce, or garlic scampi

$ 3.50/ea

Littleneck Clams

broiled with herb garlic butter

$ 3/ea

Oysters Casino

baked with lemon butter, bacon and panko

$ 3.50/ea

Nori Wrapped Ahi Tuna*

seaweed salad and ponzu

$ 13

Mussels Brittany

broiled with garlic butter and bread crumbs

$ 12

Crispy Point Judith Calamari

banana peppers, Thai dipping sauce

$ 12

Newport Clam Chowder

$ 5/7

*Consuming raw or undercooked animal products may increase your risk for foodborne illness. Not all ingredients are listed on the menu. Please inform your server if you have an allergy so that we may accommodate your requests.

Small Plates

Assortment of Olives

$ 5

Roasted beet and marinated goat cheese sandwiches

arugula, walnuts

$ 11


french fries topped with red wine gravy and cheese curds

$ 10

Flatbread of the Week

ask your server about this week’s toppings

$ 10

Warm Gorgonzola Sour Dough

creamy gorgonzola cheese sauce

$ 10

Escargots à la Bourguignone

snails in garlic butter

$ 12

Steak Tartare*

ground to order, served with grilled baguette

dinner portion with café frites



Truffled foie gras “crème brulée”

apple, orange, and frisèe with walnuts, Armagnac prunes


L'Assiete de Charcuterie

assorted dry-cured salamis, proscuitto, cheese


zeldas newport

Salads & Sandwiches


Mesclun Salad

local baby greens, gorgonzola, dried cherries, balsamic vinaigrette

$ 9

Arugula and Pear Salad

walnuts, parmesan, chive-truffle vinaigrette

$ 10

Grilled Caesar Salad

grape tomatoes, sopressata “croutons”

$ 11



ham, Gruyere, and bernaise sauce on baguette

with 2 fried eggs

$ 12

$ 15

Cafe Zelda Burger*

mushrooms, onions, cheddar cheese

$ 12

Chicken, Bacon and Cheddar Wrap

homemade mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato

$ 12

Buffalo Cheddar Wrap

romaine, tomato & bleu cheese dressing

$ 12

Liver & Onion

cherry-smoked bacon and Dijon mustard on Portuguese bolo

$ 12

zeldas newport


Pasta of the Week

ask your server about this week’s pasta dish

add grilled chicken

$ 16

$ 21

Steak Frites

herb grilled top sirloin steak, cafe frites, mustard butter

$ 26

Garlic and Herb Roasted Chicken Breast

Zelda’s mac and cheese

$ 24

BBQ Pork Fingers

spicy BBQ sauce, Cafe frites, cole slaw

$ 14

Pan-roasted Native Cod

braised sauerkraut, roasted sweets, parsley-whole grain mustard butter

$ 25

Moules Frites

stream in white wine and cream with shallots and thyme

$ 16

Mushroom Omelette

goat cheese and chives

$ 11

Small Dishes on the Side

Cafe Frites

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

Zelda's Mac & Cheese